What we do

We are interested in all kinds of workshops, community-based projects and creative events that help participants get to the heart of what it means to write well.

We see writing both as an end in itself — good writing is its own justification — and a means to an end, as a way of exploring all kinds of other issues that matter.

Between us, we have worked on projects relating to missing people, set up bilingual philosophy salons, worked on creative projects with LGBTQ+ communities and mental health services, and led workshops in settings as diverse as hospitals, art colleges, universities, cathedrals and schools.

We have taken our name – Wind & Bones – from the famous sixth century Chinese book on creative writing, the Wenxin Diaolong or ‘Carving Dragons and the Literary Mind’ by Liu Xie. Fenggu (風骨) or ‘The Wind and the Bone’ is the title of one of the chapters of his book,suggesting how good writing is born out of a combination of suppleness and structure.

蔚彼風力,嚴此骨鯁。— 劉勰
So cultivate the vigour of the wind, and make the bone robust — Liu Xie